5 Tips for Better Spring Fishing

Fishing in the spring can be just the getaway you've been dreaming of. And if you're looking for a great place to go, we've got one of the best spring fishing spots around the Lake of the Ozarks. Cold water mixed with variable weather can create a great overall environment for catching fish. With our experience and the help of our guests, we at Point View Resort have compiled a list of tips to help you win at the spring fishing game!

1. Organize Your Tackle 
Before heading out for your fishing trip, take time to organize your tackle. Break tackle out into different types of fishing, such as crappie fishing gear, bass fishing tackle and so on. Label tackle boxes for quick access and clean out tackle trays and remove old rusted hooks or other overused tackle. This will keep you more organized and prepared on the water. After organizing, you’ll have a better sense of the tackle you need to restock for your coming trip. Replenish soft plastics, baits for bass and all your terminal tackle from your local sporting goods store.

2. Opt for Live Bait
If catching a bunch of fish is what you're all about, then go with live bait! It is easy to fish slow and requires less computation from a fish’s perspective. A fish won't think twice before biting into that live wiggly bait, unlike it may do when presented with artificial lures. Nightcrawlers and minnows bottom-bounced on a jig or rigged on a single hook and a bobber are always an effective and popular choice. And don't worry about stopping on the way to pick up live bait, we keep minnows in stock and available here at our resort!

3. Play the Weather
Early spring fishing weather is probably more variable than any other time of the year. Fortunately, that means there's a good possibility of overcast, which has proven to be an excellent time for fishing! Fishing days that are unseasonably warm may seem like the best choice, however, fishing on those cooler crisper days can prove to be very lucrative as the fish tend to slow down in lower water temperatures. Springtime is also spawning time, so fish are going to be hanging out closer to shorelines and docks.

4. Fish the Changes
With the variable weather, water also is changing a lot during spring. Water temperature, clarity, and levels all vary during spring, more so than other seasons. Great places to fish in March are where the water changes. Fish where the current changes, the water clarity is different or again in areas of the water that have temperature differences. We are in a premium location for fishing, with an abundance of crappie, black bass, catfish and many other species.

5. Check Out Our Fishing Habitat
Here at Point View Resort we strive to provide a great fishing experience for all of our guests. We have teamed up with FishHiding to create an amazing fishing environment here at the resort. Our Crappie beds are maintained each year to keep the docks as stocked as possible. We would love for you to book a stay with us soon and take advantage of some of the best fishing Lake of the Ozarks has to offer here at Point View Resort!

Fishing from our well-maintained fishing docks will delight novice casters and challenge experienced fishermen. By boat, easily explore the surrounding coves and find your own haven on the water.  The indoor, heated fishing dock (with fully maintained crappie beds) makes every day the perfect day to fish the lake! Your favorite spring fishing destination at the Lake of the Ozarks is perfect for trying new fishing lures and working on different casting techniques. Book your fishing trip stay today and enjoy some time away from the crowds doing what you love - FISHING!

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